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    Difference Between Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

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    Have you ever thought about the major difference between Memory foam and Spring Mattress? The easy answer is the fact that spring foam contains spring coils and the memory foam is made from Polyurethane (polyol) and other chemicals, such as diisocyanate and water, are used to make memory foam mattresses.

    There is, however, a little more to the reason that clearly distinguishes the difference between memory foam and spring foam mattresses. Stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and those with lower back pain will benefit from spring mattresses. They’re also a good choice for heavier people who find that foam mattresses don’t provide enough support. Memory foam, on the other hand, adapts to the shape of your body, cushioning pressure points and keeping your spine aligned.

    Comparison Table “Memory Foam and Spring Mattress”

    Memory Foam
    Spring Mattress
    Longevity:Memory foam is known for being more long lasting due to the lack of coils, which reduces the likelihood of sagging.Spring foam may not last as long as memory foam mattress pads because the springs and coils may keep poking and shrinks after prolonged usages.
    Support:The body comforting function of memory foam enables it to assist most bodies universally. Although spring mattresses provide additional stability, they do not comply with all parts of the body.
    Bounce:Memory foam's recovery time is typically slow, leading to a lower bounce when particularly in comparison with spring mattresses.Spring mattresses are more bouncy than memory foam due to the spring and coil layer.
    Pain-reducing:Memory foam conforms to your body and relieves pressure, relieving chronic back pain. It conforms to the natural curvature of your spine, providing better assistance.Spring mattresses are unable to maintain the body universally, resulting in pressure-point damage. Springs or coils pushing into pre-existing pain points may exacerbate the pains.
    Price:Memory foam comes in a wide range of prices, based on the material properties used.Spring mattresses are generally cheaper than memory foam beds.

    Brief Explanation Memory Foam VS. Spring Mattress

    What is Memory Foam?

    What Is Memory Foam

    Memory foam was first developed in 1966 as a replacement for aircraft cushioning. The majority of people refer to it as “temper foam.” The foam is made by injecting gas into a polymer matrix and has an open-cell solid structure that matches pressure while slowly returns to its normal shape. Our foams have a tighter cell structure, resulting in a weaker weight distribution but better recovery of the original structure, which improves cyclability and durability. Furthermore, Molty foam mattress has a dense cell structure that resists water vapor penetration, resulting in less weathering and improved durability and appearance.

    Types of Memory Foams

    Memory Foam (Traditional)

    Memory foam is open-cell by nature, but some companies expand the cells to improve airflow. This solves the problem of heat retention.

    Memory Foam with Gel

    Gel memory foam is a type of memory foam that has liquid gel or gel beads swirled or infused into it to improve its cooling properties. Gel beads (tiny gel capsules) control the temperature of your bed. The gel is made up of “phase-changing materials,” or “PCM,” which begins out as solid and then turns into liquid as they dissolve your body heat.

    Added Cooling to Memory Foam

    To aid in the scattering of body heat, minerals such as graphite and copper, which are known to be good heat conductors, are added to memory foam. These kinds of additives help you sleep cool all night long.

    What is a Spring mattress?

    What Is Spring Mattress

    Spring mattresses were invented during the 1870s using metal coils and other materials to create some new kind of sleeping mattress. However, people started using spring mattresses after almost 60 years of their creation. Spring mattresses were used by people before the invention of Foam mattresses for their use in beds. However, with the invention of memory foam, it got more popular and was started to be used in cushions, large pillows of cotton and hays.

    Both of these mattresses are best used according to people’s needs and desires.

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    Master Molty Foam is the largest producer and manufacturer of high-quality memory foam and spring mattresses.

    Types of Spring Mattress

    Mattress Bonnell Coil

    This innerspring mattress has an hourglass-shaped coil support layer. Because these coils are the most affordable among spring mattresses, these beds are less durable than others.

    Mattress with an Offset Coil

    Individual coils are placed by sitting very close and tight against one another, forming a coil layer that provides strong support to the mattress.

    Mattress with Constant Coiling

    Continuous coils are made up of one large wire that is twisted into thousands of coils to form an arrangement that is both durable and effective at transferring motion because the entire support layer is well connected.

    Mattress with Pocket Coil

    Innerspring coils are wrapped individually in the fabric in pocket coil mattresses. They are the most recent generation of coils, and that they are technically superior to the previous generations. Because of the individual wrappings, this bed is one of the most popular.

    Mattresses with coils on coils

    In a coil-on-coil mattress, two layers of coils are stacked on top of one another to improve support. In this coil-on-coil bed mattress, the additional layer piled on top of the bottom layer decreases bounce while increasing support.

    Molty Foam Best Mattresses

    Spring mattresses are made with a variety of springs and coils. The different types such as Celeste Eterna Firm, Celeste Ultra, Bravo Executive, Classique Executive, and Ultra Ortho are determined by how these coils and springs are layered, arranged, and connected within a bed and some are medicated. We do have luxury spring mattresses like Hotel Grandiose. You can buy these at Molty foam official website and at stores.

    Differences Between Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

    Memory foam and spring mattresses have been used as a traditional alternative to each other for a long time. However, both foam and spring mattresses have even more differences as well as similarities.

    • memory foam is a good choice if you sleep alone and it relieves pressure points whereas, spring mattresses bring back the initial bounce and lessen the pressure points over time.
    • Spring mattresses are more durable than memory foam.
    • Memory Foam can help with pressure relief and heat reduction whereas, If you like a firm mattress Spring is the way to go.

    Memory Foam VS Spring Mattress Conclusion

    With so many options, selecting the best mattress for home may appear to be a difficult task. In the bedding series, both memory foam and spring are used at home. If you can’t decide between the two, a hybrid mattress might be the best option for you. Molty Foam offers a high-quality hybrid mattress that combines the benefits of two different types of mattresses into one bed.

    Molty foam Hybrid mattress combines the responsiveness and support of a foam mattress with the structure, spinal support, and bounce of firm pocketed coils for a “best of both worlds’ approach to mattress design.

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