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    Difference Between Area and Volume

    The article makes an endeavor to reveal insight into the critical difference between area and volume. Investigate it.

    In the field of geometry, the terms area and volume are usually utilized. In any case, numerous understudies express perplexity in comprehension the two terms, of Mensuration. In math, as well as in our everyday life, these two ideas have a more extensive use. As should be obvious, there are many questions around us, have certain area or volume. However, we don’t remember it. While the area is the district secured by the locked plane figure, the volume is the measure of space involved by a question.

    Comparison Table “Area and Volume”

    MeaningArea alludes to the locale or space of the plane figure or object.Volume alludes to the amount of space contained by a thing.
    ShapesPlane figuresSolids
    What is it?Amount of space enclosedCapacity of the strong
    Measured inSquare unitCubic unit
    Bargain with2 Dimensional shapes3 Dimensional shapes

    Brief Explanation Difference Between Area and Volume

    Meaning of Area

    Meaning of Area

    In geometry, the area of a question is only its size, i.e. it is the two-dimensional space or district, which a locked figure covers. It gauges the degree of space taken up by a plane question, figured by duplicating the measurements of the shape. Area helps us to decide what number of squares of altered size, the shape would take to cover it. The standard unit of area, according to International System of Units (SI), is the square meters (communicated as m2). The area is the surface size of a two-dimensional thing. For strong things, for example, cones, circles, chambers area implies the surface area that covers the aggregate volume of the question.

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    The standard unit of area is the square meters (m2). Likewise, the area can be measured in square centimeters (cm2), square millimeters (mm2), square feet (ft2) and so forth. Underneath you can discover the equation for area of different items:


    • Area of Square = side × side
    • Area of Parallelogram = b × h
    • Area of Triangle = (b × h)/2
    • Area of Rectangle = l × w
    • Area of Circle = πr2
    • Where, l is the length
    • h is the height
    • b is the base
    • w is the width
    • r is the radius

    Meaning of Volume

    Meaning of Volume

    Volume alludes to the measure of space inside the three-dimensional question encased by a locking surface, i.e. it decides the space that the shape contains. A cubic meter is the SI unit of Volume. In straightforward terms, the volume of a thing is only its ability. For example, suppose there is an empty jug, so the volume is the amount of fluid it can hold. Aside from utilizing recipes and integrals, the volume of strong items with sporadic shapes can be resolved utilizing the fluid removal strategy. Beneath you can discover the equation for volume of different items:

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    • Volume of Rectangular Prism = l × w × h
    • Volume of Cube = A3
    • Volume of Cylinder = π × r2 × h
    • Volume of Cone = π × r2 × (h/3)
    • Volume of Sphere = (4/3) × π × r3
    • Where, l is the length
    • w is the width
    • r is the radius
    • h is the height
    • a is edge

    Formula: Area and Volume of Some Figures

    Rectangle:l × b
    Cuboid:2(lb + bh + hl)l × b × h
    Cylinder:2π × r × hπr^{2} × h

    Key Differences Between Area and Volume

    1.  The locale or space of the plane figure or question is called area. The amount of space contained by a thing is called volume.
    2. Volumes regularly have the example 3 in their units, while areas have the type 2.
    3. Volumes are by and large much harder to figure than areas of items.
    4. A volume depicts the space being possessed, though area portrays the area secured of an uncovered surface.
    5. Unless the surface area is the one being discussed, areas by and large manage 2-D objects, while volumes concentrate on 3-D objects.
    6. The areas are simple to process than volumes.
    7. Plane figures have area while strong shapes have volume.
    8. Area portrays the measure of space encased, though volume decides the limit of solids.
    9. The estimation of the area is done in square units, which can be centimeter, yards et cetera. Despite what might be expected, the volume is measured in cubic units.
    10. Shapes have two measurements, i.e. length and width have area. As against this, shapes with three measurements, i.e. length, width, and height, have volume.

    Conclusion: Difference Between Area and Volume

    Like this, with the above talk, you may have seen plainly that the two scientific ideas differ a great deal in their use and estimation. While the area is utilized to decide the space secured by the plane question, the volume is utilized to discover the space inside the thing.

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